Thursday, July 17, 2014

Perfect is the Enemy

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. I’ve been experiencing this over the last month. A potential client wants everything to be just right before starting an agile project – the right people, the right timing (working around multiple vacations), and the right scheduling (have you ever tried to schedule executive assessments one week out?!). It’s hard to get everything set up PERFECTLY before you start an agile project, or any project for that matter.

My answer? Start anyway. You CEO and CTO will not be in the same country for two more months? Start anyway (they can communicate via email, right?). You’re still missing two out of ten planned staff? Start anyway. All the requirements aren’t yet fully vetted? Start anyway. The servers/databases/other pieces of equipment aren’t yet ordered? Start anyway.

There’s never going to be a PERFECT time. Projects involve people, and people have lives. And, well, life is messy.

Funny. I’ve already posted about this once. Seems we often need to be reminded... 

Just start. It's okay. It will work out.