Monday, February 11, 2013

Slack Time and Connections

I had a great weekend. A lot of things happened, but not the things I'd expect.

I reconnected with a dear friend - just a chance meeting - and through our discussions came to possible solutions for three small issues that had been scuffling along the edges of my consciousness for a few months. We didn't mean to solve these problems when we started chatting. They truly just came!

This was proof to me that slack time - or down time - is incredibly important for our minds. It provides an opportunity for our powerful organic computers to process information in ways we have yet to understand, and create connections to seemingly disparate things. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't greeted Audrey and stopped worrying about my "things to do" list. Because I was simply present, I was open to possibilities.

Chance connections, both personal and objective, can be excellent opportunities for new ideas, thoughts, dreams to form and take flight.

My take-away from this? Don't be single-focused; allow time for chance to take over. You never know where it will take you! Allow for some day-dreaming; talk about those weekend plans or experiences; walk through a museum. The background processing of your brain will kick in, and you may be pleasantly surprised!