Friday, January 11, 2013

All Time isn’t Equal

If you spend two hours on submitting your time card for the week, was that time well-spent? What if you spend two hours planning your strategy and goals for the year?

We all know that our time is limited, and sometimes we struggle to understand how or where to spend that time to our best advantage.

In a great blog, Elizabeth Grace Saunders takes a riff on the “time is money” tune, this time using our automated deposits and transfers as an example.

For important projects, where time really matters (strategic planning, time with the family, etc.), schedule blocks into your week to make sure you get these done. Perhaps just as important, don’t devote too much time to those tasks that don’t provide a great return on investment (two hours for completing a time card? There may be a way to automate the process, or talk with your manager about what’s really necessary).

And yes, if you schedule it into your week, you should really DO IT! I know I struggle with getting a sufficient amount of exercise on a weekly basis, so I have multiple opportunities for working out. Each week may be different, but I will still manage to make time for at least an hour of yoga. Ah!

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