Monday, October 1, 2012

Global values, Agile values

Adaptability. Commitment. Respect.These values sound like agile, eh? Not this time...

My family and I enjoyed a visit to the Denver Art Museum, where we got to play with rock doodling, similar to the artwork of El Anatsui. A Ghanaian sculptor, El Anatsui often used symbols to evoke meaning from his audience. Some of the symbols we doodled included adaptability, respect, change, and commitment. I was initially surprised at the overlap with the values this artist portrayed and the values the agile community identify with. But then it wasn't so surprising.

Every culture, sub-culture, community finds items like commitment and respect important. If I say I will do something - whether it's code the getRecord() method or return your water jug - my word is my commitment. If I don't follow through, how can my neighbor (or fellow developer0 depend on me in the future?

What values do you carry in your every-day life? How do they fit into agile?

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