Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elevator definition and value

I recently chatted with a scrum coach, and he gave me a challenge: Say you were introducing scrum to an organization, and you had just finished a great discussion on the basics of scrum. You're feeling pretty good, and heading out for the day, when the executive who's spearheading the move to scrum catches up with you. "Great meeting," she says. "But I'm still a little confused about story points. Can you clarify that for me as we get to the parking lot?" So, you've got about a minute to re-define and establish the value behind this scrum term. What do you do?

Yikes. I had no reasonable answer. I've realized with that discussion that it's important to have quick soundbites available. What are some catchy ways to describe these items and behaviours that we in the agile world live and breath?

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